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This page includes scans of a 1926 Family Tree by Percival "Percy" Knutson, son of Peter and Inga.  Ione was his younger sister.

The entire family tree was written longhand on single piece of paper with four 11.5 by 8.5 inch sections that fold together.  It is included in a larger folio with general report of his growing up.  Percy was 15 years old at the time of the report. 

The especially interesting part is that occupations and other details of the family members has been added. 

Knutson-Knudsen Family Tree, Percy Knutson, 1926, son of Peter and Inga

The four scanned sections of the document are available in PDF below.  Also available is Percy's Forward in the folio and a snapshot (PDF) of the entire family tree chart. 

Section 1  |  Section 2  |  Section 3  |  Section 4


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Inga Larsen Confirmation Document

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Ione and Sisters - Sally, Ruth, Darlene (niece) and Esther  .: Click to see larger :.


Ione and Sisters - Sally, Ruth, Darlene (niece) and Esther

.: Click picture to see larger :.