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Mason Family

My maternal Grandfather is Donald Mason. 

Donald Mason and Genevieve Underwood were married in 1942. As Grandma relates it, she met Don while cooking for a threshing party.

Doanld Mason, Captain US Army

Genevieve Mason, 1944-45He served in the Pacific Theatre during WWII, spotting for the Field Artillery from his observation plane. He was originally an Army Corps pilot, but "earned" a transfer to Artillery flying after a hard landing in Flight School.

Genevieve attended nursing school in Chicago while Don was in his military training and then deployed to the Philippines.

After the War, he joined the European Occupation Army and Genevieve joined him in Austria. They lived in Salzburg area while Don flew missions into the divided city of Vienna. They traveled extensively, especially enjoying Berchtesgarden, Hitler's alpine retreat.

Camilla was born stateside in 1945. Her brother Steve was born in Austria.

The family returned to the U.S. in 1947. They then lived in Fort Lewis, Washington (surviving an earthquake and tsunami) and Salt Lake City, Utah. In 1950, Don was recalled from his National Guard training position to active duty for the Korean War. Shortly after reporting for duty in Fort Ord, California, Don died of a heart attack.

Genevieve Mason, 2006Genevieve then returned to Nurse-Anesthetist school in Chicago - with the intention of securing a job open to females that "paid a man's wage." While at school, Steve and Camilla stayed with the Underwood family in Greene County. 

Genevieve graduated and moved her family to Fort Dodge, Iowa.  She has made her home in Fort Dodge ever since. 

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