Iowa Cub Openers
2008 Cubs Opener

2008 was pretty much beautiful - the weather at least.  Last year the Cubbies shellacked the Round Rock Express.  This year the Cubbies scored the first run on a homer, but the rest of the night didn't go their way. 

It was nearly 60 degrees at game time and didn't dip below 40.  We brought our jackets and mittens but didn't get too cold.  The previous night's game (Thursday) had been cancelled after an inch of snow was on the field.  However, it was really nice the following day. 

Jenni was unhappy about the score - so she did her hissing cat impersonation.


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Cubbies swinging for the fences

The Cubbies were winning until Nick took off his sunglasses (in the 5th Inning)

Brad turns on the charm with the ladies. 

The QT race was won by the Hot Dog after some on-field fisticuffs.  Nice!


Pete took some cheesy videos on his camera phone. 

Elaine's Steaming Cheese Cup

The Crowd Singing

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