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Old French Church - east of Woolstock, IowaOld French Church and Cemetery - Woolstock, Iowa

August 2007 - My Father recently related his visit to the Old French Church, east of Woolstock, Iowa.  I visited several weeks later and collected photos. 

The Old French Church is three miles east of Woolstock, Iowa on County Road C-70, also known as 330th Street.  The Church and Cemetery sit on hill overlooking a stream.

The Cemetery has many Grandgeorge grave markers.  Below are several pictures of the markers of my predecessors.


Old French Church - Woolstock, Iowa - Grandgeorge

Grandgeorge Grave Markers in the Old French Cemetery
August Grandgeorge

August Grandgeorge

April 2, 1852 - June 16, 1934

My Great Grandfather August


Louise Emily (Verily) Grandgeorge

May 22, 1852 - October 8, 1921

My Great Grandmother Louise

August Grandgeorge

Louise Grandgeorge

Emile Grandgeorge

February 27, 1862 - November 15, 1898

Brother of my Great Grandfather August

Emile Grandgeorge 1862-1898

Emile Grandgeorge 1862-1898


Henry Grandgeorge


Brother of my Great Grandfather August

Henry Grandgeorge

Charles Grandgeorge


Brother of my Great Grandfather August


Sophie Grandgeorge



Charles and Sophie Grandgeorge


Family Documents

For members of the family, here are a few documents that may be of interest.  I want to give my sincere thanks to the family members who gathered and prepared this information: my godfather Joe Grandgeorge, cousin Diana Grandgeorge, cousin Greg Grandgeorge and my father Monte Grandgeorge - many thanks to you all!Grandgeorge Family Tree - by Diana Grandgeorge

Knutson Family Details

Grandgeorge Family Tree (by Diana Grandgeorge)

Knutson Family Tree (by Diana Grandgeorge)

August Grandgeorge's Confirmation Certificate

Ban de la Roche Visits Iowa (Des Moines Register - 1985?)

Mason (Maternal) Family Details

Read Family Wedding Stories that contain a little more history. 

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